This all sounds too good to be true. Is it?

These technologies admittedly sound like magical cures or sci-fi fantasies. But they are scientifically approved with proven results.



How is BEST different from Coolscultping?

Coolsculpting is a successful brand in body sculpting, but it is only one of the popular treatments. At BEST®, we offer Coolscultping as well as other revolutionary treatments, like Vanquish and Exilis.



How is BEST different from a med spa?

Med spas have technicians to perform procedures. BEST® is a serious medical facility run my renowned dermatologists. We have the medical expertise to recommend the best individual treatment plan for your own personal goals.



Do the results last?

Procedures like Botox and liposuction require you to come back time and again to be re-treated.  Our treatments work at the cell level. The procedures gently, painlessly eliminate fat cells. And that means the results last a long time.



So I only come one time and that’s it?

Some of our treatments can be performed in one visit; others require 2 – 4 treatments over a few weeks.



How long do the procedures take?

Time varies based on your specific treatment. But the average procedures take about one hour.



How long is the recovery?

Typically, there is no recovery period. You may feel a little stiff and sore for a day or two. But you should not need to take any time off from work.



How much weight can I lose?

Laser technology is not designed for people who need to lose 30 or 40 pounds.  Instead, it is ideal for people who want to firm, tighten and lose stubborn pounds.