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BEST Body Firm

Our latest product developed by the the board-certified physicians at Dermatology Consultants.

This revolutionary body cream contains clinically tested ingredients with proven results to tighten and firm the skin. These formulations are designed for post body sculpting procedures and daily use. This shape enhancing complex has shown visible results within 30 days.

This skincare cream helps energize, nourish and promote healthy looking skin. BEST Body Firm provides all over hydration, which absorbs quickly in a non-greasy formula.

*Dermatology tested and Allergy tested. 

*Results may vary by patient.

BEST Body Firm Results

Photos below represent results simply from using BEST Body Firm. *Results may vary by patient.


Dermatologist Developed

The market has been saturated with quick fix, topically illusionary, cellulite products promising seasonally attractive skin. Our formulation and technology eclipses this mentality by harnessing plant derived ingredients that create thermogenesis (heat) in the adipose (fat stored) cells to visibly improve the appearance of unwanted fat and surface irregularities.

Clinically Proven

A proprietary formulation of 4 clinically tested ingredients has created a revolution in treating the skin of the body with topical application. 

  • First, the thermogenesis to burn fat in adipose tissue
  • Second, the improvement of adipose elasticity in order to help the adipocytes to return to the original shape
  • Third, shown to lessen the appearance of “orange peel” skin (cellulite) up to 80%
  • Fourth, clinical studies have demonstrated that silanols stimulate the production of collagen and elastic fibers leading to the remodeling of the dermal fiber architecture and overall improvement of the skin surface (stretch marks)

Nature Inspired

A blend of key natural ingredients, including:

  • Brown Seaweed
  • Niacina-mide
  • Avocado
  • Oat Bran Extract and Shea combine to provide a rich, yet fast absorbing formulation
  • Add 4 clinically tested power packed blends of science and you have a product that outperforms category standards
BEST Body Firm
BEST studies

*Results may vary by patient.